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copyFiles work only on system which fulfill the POSIX standards!

After you have build the slide show you may want to burn the files on a CD or to copy the files on an external memory device. If the working directory contain more files as needed, collecting the required files may be a hard job.

copyFiles is a little C program which look at the file list.js and copy all needed files to an other directory. You may then burn a CD or DVD after you have launched copyFiles, the target directory will contain all files required by the slide show (pictures, font-files, ...).

Compile copyFiles.c

The source file copyFiles.c reside within the data directory. You must open a terminal, go to the data directory and then launch "make". This will produce the binary.

Launching copyFiles

copyFiles must be launched from a terminal. copyFiles must be called from the slide show directory (diashow). The command ./copyFiles ~/diashow-files will for example create (if not allready existing) the folder diashow-files under the home directory and copy all files for the slide show within this directory. Of course the diashow,html, FOggPlayer.swf and list.js will also be copied.

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